Oration for my Nazi cousins

The paper god, the adolescent face,
The coming music and the floodlights blaring,
Antiphonal prayer meeting of the Race
Postured in pride and supplication, staring
At god between two microphones, alive
And crazily sincere. This is salvation
For battles lost and pride that hurts. Revive
And save us now, O Leader of the Nation.

Even by death. Stick pins into our eyes,
We do not feel. We walk through fire to fire.
You press the floodlights and all terror dies
Before the spectacle of Something Higher,
Something to worship, as we shout and sink,
Something to die for, easier than to think.

— Marshall Schacht

Marshall Schacht (1905-1956) was an American poet from Brookline, Massachusetts. This poem was published in the October 1938 issue of Poetry magazine (p. 20).