This is the season of passion, this is the season of the chain and noose
This is the season of repression, this too the season of resistance.

— Faiz Ahmad Faiz
(Trans. by Ali Husain Mir and Raza Mir)

Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz was a politically active leftist and member of the Communist Party. After Partition, he worked as the editor of The Pakistan Times, a English-language socialist newspaper. He was arrested on March 9, 1951, charged with plotting a coup against Liaquat Ali Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Faiz was given the death penalty and spent four years in prison before his sentence was commuted by Prime Minister Huseyn Shurawardy. After his release, he lived in exile until 1964. (Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated on October 16, 1951.)