Japanese American Historical Plaza, Portland, Oregon, February 4, 2012. Image credit: Another Believer / CC BY-SA 3.0

— Shizue Iwatsuki / Lawson Fusao Inada

Shizue Iwatsuki was interned with her husband and daughter first at the Pinedale Assembly Center (Fresno), then Tule Lake Prison Camp (California), and finally Minidoka Prison Camp (Idaho). Lawson Inada was four years old when his family was also forced into the Pinedale Assembly Center in 1942. This collaborative “mini-poem” comes from the Standing Stones of the Japanese America Historical Plaza in Portland, Oregon.

[Research note: Lawson Inada talks about his work with Shizue Iwatsuki in Legends from Camp: Poems (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1992), in a chapter called Poems in Stone (see page 51). For more on the lives of Iwatsuki and Inada see the Densho Encyclopedia.]